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Introduction of Physical Education Office

1. Employee Organization: 1 Director, 2 Coordinator for teaching section, 2 Coordinator for
    activity section, 10 physical education teachers, and  2 administrative staffs. 

2. Professional works include administration,teaching , activity, field equipment, and
    apparatus management.

To carry out the physical education, 
     to handle the athletic competition 
     and recreation activity, to guide the

     athletic team, to assist the athletic

     club, and to enrich and to manage
     the sport facility.

    smileyTo advance the climate of recreational sport for 
   teachers,employees, and students in school. 
   The purpose of this work is to correspond with  the role
   of technological and  vocational education,

and to teach the knowledge of physiology, life
   styles, and livings for students. 

    smileyTwo advantages for this knowledge,

one is to cultivate the habit of lifetime exercise and
   a healthy body for students. 

The other is to implement exercise policy in order  to cultivate
   a better person for society.

       Administration Organization:

    smileyAdministration Section: document handling, expense application, scholarship application,
   learning programs, and competition activities by national college physical education center,
   conferences convening, the work-study students management.

    smileyActivity Section: to host in-school and out-school competition activities for teachers and
   students, to select and to train the athletic teams.

    smileyTeaching Section: to arrange formal physical education courses and interest courses as
   well as related teaching courses.

    smileyField Equipment Section: to apply for sport equipments, to maintain the equipment   
    apparatuses, and to borrowing equipment.

     Physical Education Teaching:


Based on varied kinds of students, our school provides different formal physical
   education  courses, separately.

    smileyInterest selection courses: single sport professional physical educators teach interest
   selection courses by groups.  This is applied in the first grade of four-year technology school.

     Sport Competitions and Activities:


    smileyIn-school competition activity : to hold yearly sports meeting, for example, the track and
   field event, a tug of event.  We also hold different kinds of sport competitions for
   all classes in school.  For example, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and
   teacher-student  competition.

    smileyOut-school competition activity : to participate in yearly college sports meeting and
   competition games for college teachers and employees, for example, college
   basketball competitions.

    smileyAthletic Teams Training: to plan the training projects for the athletic teams in
   every school year, and to hire professional coaches in enhancing intensive
   training during summer,  winter  vacations, and after classes.

    smileyRecruitment of elite athlete students: to enroll excellent athlete students in man’s
   basketball since 2005.

      The Key Developments and Characters:

    smileyTo assist students and employees in developing the sports clubs.

    smileyTo provide scholarships for excellent athlete students.

    smileyTo hold physical fitness classes for students, teachers, and employees.

    smileyTo set up education website for students to login internet for online physical education

    smileyTo carry out formal physical education courses by separate group teaching.

    smileyTo increase sports equipments and facilities in improving sport skills and intensify
       physical trainings.

    smileyTo foster suitable leisure sports as the base of sports career.